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Peace of Mind for Pet Parents
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Resources - helpful links and information articles


As busy pet parents, we understand that it can be difficult to keep up to date with information regarding your pets and we know some of the challenges in caring for elder pets. Below, you will find information on pets, shelters, elder pet care, pet loss, and grief. We hope that you find this information beneficial.




NAPPS Disaster Preparedness Guide for Pet Parents


Pet Organizations and Information


The PetWork


The American Kennel Club

Dog Channel

Morris Animal Foundation


The Cat Fanciers’ Association

Cat Channel


Hamster Guide

How to Care for Hamsters


House Rabbit Society


Bird Channel


Fish Care Guide


Care of Elder Pets

Old Dog Paws

Angel’s Gate Hospice for Animals




Resources/Support Groups Grief Related to Pet Loss


Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement - Chatrooms with professionally trained hosts to support those grieving the loss of a pet - Individual Support for pet loss support before, during and after the loss of a loved animal companion



Information Websites


Dogs on

Lifestyle Pets

Cat and Dog Names

Cat Lovers Resources

Cat Chat


Pet Ecards



Animal Rescue and Pet Shelters


Pet Finder

Arizona Humane Society



                4 Paws Animal Rescue


         Medical Questions



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